60 years of serving up food, spirits and live music, along with the international notoriety from Animal House makes the Dexter Lake Club a world famous bar and a true example of "Roadhouse Americana". Currently the club and cafe are closed, and building and land are up for sale. Please fill out the contact page form for sale inquiries. Thank you.
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The Dexter Lake Club ....The actual club where
Otis Day & the Knights played in the hit movie

Established 1949, the Dexter Lake Club has built a long history as a popular cafe, bar and live music venue. The large, bright neon sign that sits atop the high roof line is an iconic symbol along highway 58 just outside of Eugene, Or. The sign, along with the thick roadhouse vibe made the Dexter Lake Club a perfect setting to film the "Road Trip" scenes for the movie Animal House in 1977. Weekly you'll find dedicated Animal House fans seeking out this famous landmark to take pictures and remember the 5th largest grossing comedy of all time that broke all the rules of political correctness and spawned dozens of like-movies after it.


The Dexter Lake Club
39128 Dexter Rd, Dexter, Or. 97431


Club and Cafe Closed for business 11-17-14

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